Evil Never Dies
The body of Reaper Junction citizen Grimsby Graves is found in an open grave. Was it the result of a 100-year-old curse or of a calculated homicide? 

Scenarios for Your Murder Mystery

Scenario for "Murder on the Petulant Express"

I Loathe a Parade
The fireworks don't stop on the Fourth of July as Elmtown Mayor Joe Possumz is murdered while watching the Independence Day parade.

Murder is Par for the Course
A hole in one is a fatal event as men's Regional Champion Holin Wunn is the victim of foul play while competing with women's champion Birdie Bigelow.

Betting on Death
The odds are in favor of there being much more to the story as a speeding car fatally injures a street person named Harold on the Las Vegas strip.

Scenario for "Betting on Death"
Scenario for "I Loathe a Parade"

Lurking Down the Bunny Trail
Hoplando bunny breeder Barney Benson's large new sign atop his modern bunny hutch lit up the night skies. It unexpectedly fell apart with a deadly result. 

Scenario for "Murder is Par for the Course"



Scenario for "Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble"

I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus
Kids were certain that Lacy's Department Store Santa, Elmer Ellsworth, was "the real Santa," but someone made sure that he would "ho, ho, ho" no more. 


Scenario for "Hulas and Homicide"

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Gobble, Gobble Death and Trouble
Chef Ramsey Gordon was known for his secret turkey recipe. His career ended with a bang when the oven in his private kitchen exploded.

Team Building Murder Mystery


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​​Hulas and Homicide
Hula contest judge Winnie Wahila's body is found underneath coconut palm trees on Kikiwai Beach the morning before the annual hula competition.

Murder on the Petulant Express
Peter Petulant, millionaire businessman, is murdered in the Presidential Car of his luxury streamlined train as it journeyed from New York City to Chicago.

Death is a Cabernet, Ol' Chum
The lifeless body cabernet king Malcolm Melee is found at the bottom of the stairs to his wine cellar in his Nippy Valley vineyard.

Scenario for "Lurking Down the Bunny Trail"
Scenario for "Evil Never Dies"
Scenario for "I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus"
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Scenario for "Death is a Cabernet, Ol' Chum"